Battlestar Galactica

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The Living Legend
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War of the Gods
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Rising Star

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How to present the episode guide was a little difficult to assess as different countries saw these episodes in differing formats, for instance here in the UK I saw the premiere episode as a movie which had been cut to 1½ hours. It was years before I actually saw the whole of Saga of a Star World. I have therefore taken the way in which they are shown in syndication as a guide to the original intentions of the makers.

    Number of episodes: 17
    Number of 2 part episodes: 5
    Number of 3 part episodes: 1

Another anomaly was the second movie, Mission Galactica: The Cylon Attack released in the UK. Again this was 1½ hours in length and consisted of the episodes The Living Legend and Fire in Space cut together. While Fire in Space was subsequently shown in the first run of episodes on TV it wasn't until many years' later that we got to see the The Living Legend.



Because of the size of the main and recurring cast, I have given them a page of their own rather than clog up the episode pages with lines and lines of repeated information.




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