Battlestar Galactica

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Site Updates

Site Updates

bullet 22 November Added two new games: a slider puzzle and word magnets
bullet 20 November Added 164 screen captures of the Movie theatrical release to the Gallery.
bullet 12 November Moved to our new web address. Redesigned the site, added some more graphics and made the site easier to navigate (I hope). Added some games.
bullet 11 November Ordered a new Domain name.
1999 to 2003
bullet Various dates Added extra graphics and details to the episode pages - if you notice any mistakes, please let me know.
bullet 4 April Started designing the website with the new graphics
Pre-1999 History
bullet I joined the on-line community in mid-1996 and this site started life as a few pages on the free web space which came with my AOL membership - designed using their free AOL PressTM software. This neat little package could still teach some of today's expensive site designers' a thing or two about ease of use and functionality.



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