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Summary: What happens to Alex when the END comes? Any pairing...gen, het or slash!

Categories: X-Files Characters: None
Summary: June & Nick's birthday.
Ten years ago, on 21 Jan '94 Genderbender was broadcast.
What happened to Michael when he left hospital?
Some years ago, on 10 July '94, Sleepless (broadcast 07-Oct-1994) introduced us to our beloved Alex Krycek.
The challenge is... what if...
for instance.... what would have happened to Alex if Spender hadn't ensnared him?

Categories: X-Files Characters: Alex Krycek
Summary: April 23 is St George's Day and I fancy some Dragon fic.
St. George is the patron saint of England - where both of your list mommies live.
He is the hero of the George and the Dragon legend. So the challenge is to write a story with the Nick character of your choice and a Dragon. There are lots of literary dragons to choose from, or you can invent your own. To give you a starter, there is:-
- Falkor, the luck dragon from "The Never Ending Story"
- Puff, the magic dragon... songfic.
- The Reluctant Dragon - (there's a Disney animated short of this...)
- Anne McCaffrey's dragons (as an aside I started an M/K one of these a couple of years ago...
...maybe I'll finish it (stop laughing, Sandra))
Categories: None Characters: None
Summary: Adopt a plot bunny - a variation on the 'straight Alex' challenge.

Czeri wrote:
As far as straight Krycek stories are concerned, what I'd really like to see is Alex, being straight but at the same time adventurous and aware of Mulder's attraction to him, manipulating Mulder into introducing him to the world of gay sex.

Satina replied:
OH YUM. Still talking early Alex, here? Is this a kind of "Well, if I'm gonna do this, may as well pick a walking centerfold like Mulder." thing? So he's straight, but flirtatious, but in a way that he makes Mulder think it's all his idea?

Czeri's "plot bunny" challenge:
Yep, early Alex, although he'd had to be partnered with Mulder for a longer time than two cases, long enough for Mulder to develop a crush, if not yet love, on him. And then, when Mulder came onto him Alex would laugh and say he's straight. But that would get him thinking and soon he'd start to tease poor Mulder unmercifully with typical for straight guys smugness.
Categories: X-Files Characters: Alex Krycek, Fox Mulder
Summary: I've read stories pairing Victor Mansfield of OAT with characters of other series such as Due South and also the X-Files. And of course, there are oodles of stories with Skinner and Mulder with Alex and Alex with Victor and Alex with Mac. But I've never run across any stories that explore the possibility of Skinner pairing with Victor. This is something that I believe could be very interesting and open to lots of possibilities.
What do you think?
Categories: Once a Thief, X-Files Characters: Victor Mansfield, Victor/OMC, Walter Skinner
Summary: What I really would like to read, and which is very seldom found in stories, is the fact that Alex could be totally straight and Fox could try to lure him to the "other" side.
Categories: X-Files Characters: Alex Krycek, Fox Mulder
Summary: Write a story about Nick's character, Loren Faber, from the TV series Robin's Hoods. As is usual for this list, he must be the pivotal character in the story. If you haven't yet seen Nick in this role, and want to respond to the challenge, then Ursula is willing to dub the episode for you in NTSC (North America) or I can make a PAL (Europe/Australasia) copy.
If you do need copies then please contact us at:
Categories: Other TV and Film > Robin's Hoods Characters: Loren Faber, Loren Faber/Other