What's new at SKSA?

03/21/2002 Added 6 stories by Peach.
08/20/2001 Added eleven stories by Lorelei
08/18/2001 Added two stories: Welcome Home by Lorelei and Sleeping Beauty by Gwendolen
06/11/2001 Added two stories by Josan, Wither Thou Goest & It's a Dog's life.
BethLynn is withdrawing her stories from the web, therefore Triad is no longer available from this archive.
02/18/2001 Added 2 stories: Shaken by Lorelei and Early One Morning by Aqualegia (February 2000, lighter moments challenge story)
02/08/2001 Added the five stories that comprise the Close Encounters Of The Fourth Kind Series by Josan.
01/31/2001 Due to RL issues, our previous archivist has been forced to relinquish the reins. So at the start of the New Millennium there are two New Archivists <g>. China has very kindly volunteered to help by collecting the stories. I shall be doing the coding and updating the archive. I can be contacted at orchidis@aol.com. As you can see from the last update date, the archive hasn't been updated in a while, so it's going to take some time for us to get up to date. Just to get things off to a good start, I have added four stories by Josan today: The Lodge VI: Morning Reflections; The Lodge V: Words; Eating XV: Clean Cut; Eating XVI: Dangerous Relations.
05/02/2000 Uploaded a story by Noirceur and two stories by Josan.
05/01/2000 Finally updated the archive with stories by jam-wired, Natasha, The Spike, and Aqualegia.
03/16/2000 Uploaded a new story by Debra Fran Baker.
03/11/2000 Uploaded stories by BethLynn and MaryReilly
03/10/2000 Uploaded stories by fuzzi cat and Blue Mohairbear.
02/25/2000 Uploaded stories by Rosalita, JiM and Ratwoman.
02/22/2000 Uploaded two stories by Xanthe, one story by Jessica Harris and one story by Pollyanna
02/13/2000 All of Josan's stories are in the Fiction section now, and SKSA is proud to present some images by the amazing Theban Band.

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