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April Challenge:

Ever notice that Alex Krycek is the most raped characture from the X-Files cannon? He's been raped by Frohike twice, by Scully a couple of times, I even found a Bill Mulder one some where. I think he's been raped by just about every one except Edward Tooms, John Byers, and Ringo Langly. (I remember comming across a "Pusher" rape once too. I must note, though, that there is an Edward Tooms rape of Krycek that I am planning for "The Sex Bowl" {Parody of "The Supper Bowl"} which is an old Ter/ma badfic challenge that I started and haven't been drunk enough to finish.)

Another thing is, he is most likly to bounce back after a rape. It is almost like rape doesn't even effect him- mostly. Fox Mulder always goes on and on about his rape, dragging every one down with him.

I think, since he's been raped sooo much and I adore hurt/comfort, Skinner should comfort the poor soul. We don't have to know about the details of his rape (for those of you squeemish) but we have to know that it effected him in some way and he needs a big, surly, strong AD man to comfort him.

(Submitted by Tara)

The March Challenge is to write a story in which Skinner seduces Alex after SR819. To make it easier, it does not have to be a first time, but it does have to be after a falling out, a big falling out.

The February Challenge on SkinnerKrycek was to show the characters in a less than serious situation.

Here is the Dream Challenge, issued by Pollyanna:

So I'm issuing a challenge for a Skinner/Krycek dream story and this is for everyone, not just people who are already writing. If you can type then this is your chance to try something new! It can be Skinner dreaming of Krycek, or vice versa, or, I'll be generous and say you can have one of the other characters (e.g. Mulder) dreaming of Skinner and Krycek.

Have you had an idea for a Sk/K but couldn't fit it in with canon at all? Make it a dream.

Do you have one startling image of one of the characters but not much else? Make it a short dream.

Have you had a great idea for a story but couldn't work out how to end it? Have the dreamer wake up at the point where you're stuck.

Dreams cover a multitude of sins ... I hope

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