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Match the pairs of photos to reveal the picture beneath.
The X-Files - Sleepless By AQUALEGIA


Unscramble the letters to discover the hidden name or phrase.
Krycek Episodes - Mytharc pairs By AQUALEGIA


Find the listed words in the grid of letters - search horizontally, vertically AND diagonally.
The X-Files - Krycek Episode Titles By AQUALEGIA


Scramble the picture and then slide the squares around until you have recreated the picture once more.
The X-Files - Nick Lea 01 By AQUALEGIA


Move around the words to create your own story, or have a go at creating the episode titles from the words listed.
Nick's Film and TV Titles - 1997 to 2001 By AQUALEGIA
Nick's Film and TV Titles - 1995 & 1996 By AQUALEGIA
Nick's Film and TV Titles - 1989 to 1994 By AQUALEGIA