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Summary: Cory Raines has a birthday party and invites all his friends and lovers, which may be one in the same thing. Johnny Ringo is on the list.
Rated: PG-13
Categories: Highlander:5x07 - Money No Object Characters: Cory Raines, Richie Ryan
Genres: Humour
Warnings: Slash
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Word count: 1780 Read: 1108
Published: 03 Jun 2016 Updated: 03 Jun 2016

1. Broadside by Ursula [Reviews - 0] (1780 words)
From Ursula4x: Notes: For Tarlan's Birthday

For those unfamiliar, Cory Raines played a happy go lucky bank robber and thief who once had a relationship with Duncan MacLeod (Immortal hero of the series) and Amanda, Duncan's light of love, a minx of a thief herself. Richie Ryan, whose name I still wear in my primary e-mail name, was my favorite character, a very young thief whom Duncan took in to his home. Richie was killed with Duncan's love, Tessa Noel, but Richie rose, immortal. Richie met Cory Raines in the episode, Money No Object. If you haven't met, Cory, beg borrow or steal a video or disc. He's a keeper.

Johnny Ringo is an extra prezzie for Tarlan as he was played by Michael Biehn, another of Tarlan's favorite actors.