March 1, 1945. Helena, Montana

(Dirk Niewoehner).






Dark blond

Sports &

Flying, Jogging, tennis, fishing, skiing, basketball, horseback riding, cooking, writing songs, poems, screenplays.


High School - White Sulphur Springs, Montana.
A good athlete and a straight A student, class president, honour student.

College - Whitman College, Walla, Walla, Washington
Music major turned to drama:  B.A. Degree

Dirk continued his schooling at a professional acting school at Meadowbrook Theater, north of Detroit, for 2 years

Dirk grew up in White Sulphur Springs, Montana. His father was a lawyer; and he spent much of his childhood outdoors.

Stage appearances
He played in regional theatre, and appeared on Broadway in "Butterflies are Free," where he met Gloria Swanson
His first movie was "Georgia, Georgia," co-starring Diana Sands, and he made his first TV appearance as a guest star on "Hawaii Five-O."
Television Appearances
His first TV series was "Chopper One," which aired in 1974, then he got the part of Lieutenant Starbuck on "Battlestar Galactica" in 1978. In 1983 came "The A-Team."
Dirk is a licensed pilot and has his own plane, he lists his interests as including organic foods (he became a vegetarian in 1971, due to health problems), Far Eastern religion, and 'balancing professional fulfillment with quiet, nature-oriented contentment.' It was in 1975 that he was diagnosed with a  prostate tumor and went on a strict macrobiotic diet.
BooksHe has written two Books about his life and philosophy.
In 1986 he married his live-in girlfriend, actress Toni Hudson. They had two sons together, George and Roland. They were recently divorced, and Toni has remarried. Dirk lives in Montana with his two sons.


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