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Region 1 and Region 2 DVD releases

Region 1
   Season one Box Set
Region 2

There have been four 1 disk and one 2 disk releases

Disk 1: The Taxicab Wars, The Maltese Cow, Chopping Spree

Disk 2 In Plane Sight, The Battle of Bel-Air, Pure-Dee Poison

Disk 3: Bounty, Waste 'Em, Black Day at Bad Rock

Disk 4 The Rabbit Who Ate Las Vegas, The A-Team is Coming, Children of Jamestown,

"The Ultimate A-Team"
Mexican Slayride parts 1 and 2 [aka The pilot], The Taxicab Wars, The Maltese Cow, Champ!, Lease With an Option to Die.

Unfortunately I don't have any information at the moment on any future releases - as soon as I know anything I will list it here.

A record of the progess on the site - list restarted 2004
  Added some information about DVD releases for the A-Team episodes



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