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A few words about who we are, how this project got started, how we came to be working together, and where we hope to go from here.
First, I'd better introduce myself. My name is Lynda, I live in the UK, and I maintain the web site, doing the page coding etc., so any broken links are "my fault" [even if it's not!]. I originally started the Dirk Benedict site on AOL in July 1987, not long after first going on line. At that time I had no knowledge of HTML and the vagaries of web browsers and mail programs<g>. I have learnt a lot since then and I've been putting some of it into practice here. My first endeavours were aided and abetted by Dusty and Teach, who lent their web space to me for extra pages, especially when we started adding pictures to the site, we called ourselves A4D Design Workshop [in case you hadn't guessed, A4D=All For Dirk]. At the beginning of this year, I decided to move the whole site on to one server, and took up residence here at Parker's Place. Also at this time, the three original members of the A4D team realised that they needed help with the page preparation and asked if the others members of the Temp Agency would like to help finish the site. So check back, we should have some more goodies to show you soon.
All together there are eleven of us. Two, including me, live in the UK, the other nine live in the USA, scattered from New England to California. The time differences make getting together for a 'chat' interesting.smile
My fellow Englishwoman, Dusty, and I have known one another since 1985. My first long A-Team fic, Shipwreck had just been published she wrote me the first fan letter I had ever received. Since then she's encouraged and chivvied me into writing more. In 1987 I finally decided to join the on-line community and found the "On The Jazz" mailing list, where fans of the show could talk about their favourite episodes and, of course, their favourite characters. Not long after I joined, and 'introduced' myself to the list, Teach contacted me and asked, "Are you the same person who wrote Shipwreck?" Who would have thought that writing one story would have brought me two good friends? Since then our numbers have grown steadily and some of our number met in Baltimore, Maryland, to meet Dirk at a Convention at the beginning of March 1999.
Some of preceding ramble you may have read if you have visited our Dirk Benedict site. I hope you enjoy your visit here, and please sign the guestbook before you leave.
If after reading this you really want to know a little more about us, short bios can be found at the Temp Agent's HQ.



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