21 Mar 1998

Mulder in the Middle
by Rosalita

MKRA/MSSS: Absolutely.
Gossamer: I'll take care of that myself.

Hey there, hi there, ho there! This little ditty is a completely
harmless piece of fluff that was originally published in "eXposure."
It has no bearing on reality whatsoever. It takes place some time
after an alternate version of Terma. In my universe, Krycek gets
himself and Mulder out of the prison, which means Krycek gets to keep
both of his arms.

Disclaimer: Fox Mulder, Alex Krycek, and Walter Skinner belong to
Chris Carter and Fox Broadcasting. I'm borrowing them without
permission. I promise to return them more or less in the condition I
found them.

Constructive criticism is always welcome at rosalita@rocketmail.com.

Mulder in the Middle
by Rosalita

It was a measure of just how terribly bored Fox Mulder was. He was
cleaning his apartment. And not just his usual method of moving stuff
around and stuffing junk into closets. He cleaned the bathroom, mopped
the floors, washed the windows. He even scrubbed the walls.

It was just his luck that at the same time that Walter was at a
week-long conference, his office was being fumigated for roaches. A
result of his habit of leaving sunflower seed shells over every inch
of his desk, Scully said. Disgusting habit, she also said. So he
couldn't even go in and catch up on his paperwork. Even that would be
preferable to cleaning his refrigerator. He sighed, thinking about
what he could be doing if Walter was here. He shook his head. Better
not to think of that unless he wanted to end up in the cold shower.


Shuddering in disgust, he began to throw containers of things that
were unrecognizable as food into the garbage. Then the fates smiled
upon him and the doorbell rang. He went to the door, hoping it was
Scully coming to rescue him from this tedium. Or maybe it was Frohike
returning a video. Even the Jehovah's Witnesses would be a welcome
sight--he could have fun messing with their minds.

He opened the door hoping it was someone to play with. Anyone.

Except who it was.

Alex Krycek leaned casually against the door frame with a grin on his

"Hi, Mulder," he said, as if these visits were routine. He glanced
with distaste at Mulder's dirty, torn sweatshirt and ragged jeans.
"Hope I'm not interrupting anything."

"What the hell are you doing here?" Mulder questioned as Krycek pushed
past him to enter the apartment. He was more than a little surprised
to see his former partner. When they had parted ways at the airport in
St. Petersburg, it was with the understanding that Krycek would never
come back to Washington. What a surprise! Alex Krycek broke a promise.

Still wearing his insufferable grin, Krycek said, "Is that any way to
greet the man who saved your life? Don't you think you owe me a little
civility? You'd still be rotting in that Russian gulag if it weren't
for me."

Okay, he had him there. Krycek had gotten them both out of that prison
by sucking up to the camp commander and it irked him mightily to be
beholden to him. It might have been better to die there than to owe
Alex Krycek anything.

His visitor shed his jacket and sat down on Mulder's couch. His
reluctant host followed him but remained standing, arms crossed.
"Don't get comfortable, you're not staying."

Leaning back on the couch, Krycek put his feet on the coffee table and
pulling a folded piece of paper out of his pocket said, "I've got some
information for you. This is just a teaser."

He held the paper out to Mulder who didn't move to take it. Krycek and
his information would be the death of him someday. He wasn't going to
fall for it this time. "The last time you had information for me, I
got thrown into a prison cell and had alien worms shoved up my nose. A
fate which you, I noticed, were able to avoid. No thanks."

Looking wounded, Krycek said, "You're blaming me for that? As I
recall, that was your idea, and I got taken along for the ride.
Besides it wasn't all bad, was it? In fact, I remember a few times
when it wasn't bad at all."

And there it was. Mulder had wondered how long it would take before
Krycek mentioned that they'd had sex in Russia. The first time had
been a desperate coupling in the cell when Mulder had been certain
they would both be killed. In the woods on the night of their
"escape," they'd
huddled together for warmth which, of course, led to sex. And then
those two incredible days in St. Petersburg. More sex.

Actually, it was those two days that Mulder felt most guilty about. He
could explain away the bouts of sex in the cell and in the woods. But
St. Petersburg? He didn't know why he'd allowed it to happen. Yes, he
did. Alex Krycek was an astounding lover. It was amazing really when you
considered what a selfish bastard he was. But when it came to sex, he
was giving and eager to please his partner. He seemed to know
instinctively what Mulder wanted before he knew it himself.

Mulder should have hauled Krycek back to Washington, but he'd let him
go, partly in gratitude and partly so he'd never have to see him
again. Since his return, he'd convinced himself that it was all
Krycek's fault. That he'd been seduced. That rat bastard had taken
advantage of him in a moment of weakness. Well, several moments of
weakness. Mulder never would have cheated on his lover under normal

To change the subject, he asked, "So who are you working for this
week, Krycek?"

Krycek didn't answer the question; he wasn't giving up his secrets
that easily. "The information I have can bring our cigarette-smoking
friend down," he cajoled, thrusting the paper at Mulder again. "Him
and his cronies. Wouldn't you like that? I know I would."

Geez, Krycek was fluttering his eyelashes. Those long, lush eyelashes.
Mulder really hated it when he did that. Mulder backed up, trying to
put as much distance between himself and Alex Krycek as possible. The
man looked good, he had to admit. His hair had grown since the last
time Mulder had seen him. His hair. Why did he always notice his hair?
Because it was a deep, rich shade of brown that made his own look
mousy by comparison? Or because it looked so sleek and shiny that he
wanted to touch it?

Tearing his eyes away and licking his suddenly dry lips, he asked,
"Why me?"

Krycek's eyes shone with amusement. He was no doubt aware of his
effect on the agent. "Because you have access to resources that are
unavailable to me and you want that bastard as much as I do."

Holding up the paper again and voice turning very serious, he said,
"And I want to make peace, Mulder. Maybe this is a start?"

Mulder reluctantly took the paper and plopped down in the armchair.
"No guarantees, Krycek." He looked at the paper. Numbers. Rows and
rows of numbers. Impatiently he said, "What is this?"

"A code. I've got a partial key in a safe deposit box along with the
rest of the document. It should be enough for a cryptographer. Now,
are you going to help me or not?"

"Where did you get this and how do I know you're not setting me up
again?" Mulder asked although he was sure he wouldn't get an answer.

"I can't tell you and you'll just have to trust me."

Trust him? He might have sex with him but he wasn't going to trust
him. The whole thing struck him as ludicrous and he began to laugh.
Before he knew it, he was actually howling. He laughed for a very long

Wiping his eyes, Mulder regained his composure. Krycek still sat on
the couch, looking at him with real interest.

"I've never seen you laugh before, Mulder. You should do it more
often." This was said with such earnestness that Mulder almost
believed him.

"I rarely have a reason to." The serious agent once again.

Krycek nodded his understanding. "So?"

He would regret this, he just knew it. "Okay. Where's the rest of it?"

"Not so fast. I'm giving you Cancer Man's head on a platter. What do I
get in return?"

Of course, there'd be a catch. "You get to walk out of here and not
spend the rest of your life in jail."

"Not enough."

Resignedly, Mulder asked, "What more do you want?"


One word, just one word, spoken in a low, seductive voice. How could
one little word make him so nervous? So . . . hot? Mulder was suddenly
aware of how the younger man's t-shirt molded to his broad chest and
how his tight black jeans accentuated his groin. Shit.

"No sale, Krycek."

He got up and walked toward the door, expecting his unwelcome guest to
follow. Follow Krycek did but not to the door. Instead, he advanced on
Mulder with determination but no menace. As Krycek closed the distance
between them, Mulder backed up, their movements a dance of pure

It ended when Mulder found his back pressed against the wall. Krycek
placed one hand on either side of him, pinning him there loosely.

He smiled handsomely and said, "C'mon, Mulder, I know you haven't
forgotten that night in the cell." He kissed him on the forehead.

"Or the one in the woods." Another kiss landed on the tip of his nose.

"Or the two in St. Petersburg." This kiss lightly, very lightly
touched his lips. Krycek drew back and seeing the permission on
Mulder's face, kissed him again, harder.

Mulder had known he would regret the decision to help Krycek, he just
hadn't thought it would be this soon. He knew he should fight what he
was feeling. Knew that this was wrong, was stupid, was crazy. He'd
known it in Russia but there, he'd been afraid in the cell, running
for his life in the woods and grateful in St. Petersburg.

What was his excuse now?

Oh yeah, the way Krycek was kissing him, swirling his tongue in his
mouth, possessing it as if it belonged to him. His every touch was an
erotic assault on Mulder's body.

Krycek paused in his exploration and gripping Mulder's hand, led him
into the bedroom. Mulder stood uneasily in the middle of the room
while Krycek sat on the bed.

"Take off your clothes for me," Krycek said quietly.

Mulder hesitated; he'd be damned if he was going to put on a show for
Alex Krycek. But the hungry look that Krycek was giving him penetrated
his chest and sent tingles of pleasure down his stomach to his groin,
thickening his cock. Suddenly it was imperative to get his clothes off
now. He quickly pulled off his shirt and pants, ignoring Krycek's
request to slow down.

Laughing, Krycek crooked his finger and said, "Come here." Mulder
moved until he stood between Krycek's spread knees, his cock in the
younger man's face. Instead of taking it in his mouth as Mulder had
hoped, Krycek surprised him by grabbing him around the waist and
rolling him over on to the bed, landing on top of him.

The soft cotton of Krycek's shirt brushed his erect nipples and the
rough denim of his jeans rubbed his groin. The combination of
sensations, when coupled with Krycek's moist tongue lapping at his
throat, made Mulder clutch at Krycek trying for more contact between
his naked body and the other man's clothed one.

But Krycek backed away from him, taking with him his warmth. He
undressed teasingly, never taking his eyes off Mulder's.

"Do you want me?" he asked when he was naked, his desire for Mulder

Mulder knew he should say no but his body had other ideas and he
reached out for Krycek, pulling him down to him and kissing him hard.
He was lost and knew it. The best thing that would come of this was
that Krycek would take what he wanted and then leave for good. Aware
that he was fooling himself, he let his mind go blank and abandoned
himself to the pleasure that Krycek was bringing him.

Walter Skinner stepped out of his car in front of Mulder's apartment
building and headed up the walk. He'd been able to get out of the
conference sooner than expected. Laughing at the memory of his
colleagues' repeated question, "What's your hurry, Walter?," he
entered the building.

Fox would be so surprised. Skinner had spoken to him on the phone last
night but hadn't told him he'd probably be home today. On the plane,
he'd occupied himself with plans to keep Mulder in bed for at least
the next 24 hours. Thinking about it made his cock twitch in
anticipation. He smiled to himself as he took the stairs two at a time.

Outside Mulder's door, he knocked and waited. No answer. Strange,
Mulder's car was in front of the building. Maybe he had gone out for a
run or down to the corner store. Skinner used his key to let himself
in. The apartment appeared to be empty. *Damn, Mulder, where are you?*
He really couldn't wait much longer. As it was now, he was ready to
jump the man the minute he came through the door.

Skinner rocked from foot to foot in eagerness; he couldn't stand this.
He'd undress and surprise the hell out of Mulder by being naked in his
bed when Mulder came back from his run. Mulder would be sweaty, too.
Skinner nearly moaned at the thought and headed for the bedroom. At
the door, he was stopped short by an incredible sight.

Mulder was lying on the bed with his head back and eyes closed. His
graceful neck was arched and his mouth was open, moaning in a constant
cadence. Another man's lips were kissing that elegant throat. Skinner
watched the rise and fall of the interloper's firm buttocks as he
thrust easily into *his* lover.

A fury he was barely able to contain gripped him. How could Fox do
this to him? He'd been gone less than a week, for God's sake. Couldn't
Mulder control himself for that little bit of time? And who the hell
was this jerk? Where had Mulder met him? If he was a fellow FBI agent,
the A.D. would see to it that he was transferred to the farthest
reaches of Alaska. And Fox just might be joining him there.

In spite of his anger, his arousal remained unabated and tempered his
indignation somewhat. He couldn't help noticing how beautiful Fox
looked. Passion became him. He was like a sleek, pampered cat, arching
gracefully into each stroke, purring in hedonistic abandon. And Fox
was in another place. Skinner was always stunned by the ease in which
Mulder lost himself in the maelstrom of sex. And it hurt to see
another man providing his lover with that intense bliss. His rational
mind told him to hold on to his fury but the sight of the two men
moving in a rhythm that was as old as humanity and the sound of their
throaty moans hardened him. With a will of its own, his hand crept
down to touch his groin, attempting to relieve the pressure. The hand
stopped when the stranger turned his head slightly toward the door.

<That's Alex Krycek fucking my Fox.>

Krycek noticed his presence first, his gasp alerting Mulder. Soon, two
sets of nearly identical hazel eyes, wide open in shock, were staring
at him. Dammit, they really were beautiful together, and he was even
more aroused. And he had to admit to having spent most of the night
that Krycek was handcuffed on his balcony thinking about the young man.

Krycek, staring pointedly at the burgeoning lump in Skinner's pants,
said, "Care to join us?"

Getting off the bed and walking toward Skinner, he grabbed the
surprised older man by the tie and kissed him hard. Skinner first
fought the kiss and then surrendered to it. He should be angry but,
damn, this kid could kiss. And how often would he get the opportunity
to make a fantasy come true? Mulder should love this, it was straight
out of one of his videos.

Wrapping his arms around Krycek's naked form, he returned the kiss
with equal vigor. His hands began to explore the unfamiliar body
before him. Krycek was more muscular than Fox, his body bulkier than
his lover's slender build. Looking into Krycek's eyes, he realized
that he'd been wrong. They were greener than Mulder's and not as dark,
and they held none of the sadness of his lover's eyes. He was
beginning to caress the man's chest when he heard Mulder say in a
sulky voice:

"Would you two like to be alone?"

Mulder could not believe this was happening. Walter had walked in on
him and Alex Krycek having sex and not only had he not been mad, he
was now kissing Krycek with what looked like real enthusiasm.

The two men stopped kissing and looked at him and then at each other.
Krycek slid Skinner's tie from around his neck. They looked at him
again like two hungry wolves. It was beginning to scare him a little.
Skinner took the tie and walked over to his lover, gently taking both
his hands. He then wrapped the tie around Mulder's wrists.

"Hey! Walter, what are you. . . ." He was silenced with a hot, deep

"Shhh. It's all right," the A.D. whispered as he drew the younger
man's hands over his head and tied them to the railings of the
headboard. The first night they'd spent in Mulder's apartment, Skinner
had been thrilled to see that he had a brass bed. One of his plans for
this weekend had
been to introduce a little light bondage into their relationship, he
just hadn't known that Alex Krycek would be involved.

Turning to Krycek, he said, "Keep him occupied while I undress."

Krycek took Skinner's suggestion to heart and moving to the bed, laid
down over Mulder and pulled him into a hard and consuming kiss.
Mulder was returning it when he felt the bed sink on his right side.
His head was gently pulled from under Krycek's and Krycek's lips were
replaced with Skinner's. They passed him back and forth like this for
some time, taking turns kissing him.

This kissing thing was nice but he wished they'd move on. The
restraint was adding a whole new level to his arousal. If someone
didn't touch him soon, he'd die. But he didn't want to ask for it, it
would sound too much like begging.

Ah, bless them, they must be mind readers.

They traveled in tandem down his body, touching, kissing and licking,
Walter's gentle technique contrasting with Krycek's more daring one.
Pausing at his nipples, Walter licked while Krycek bit. Then Krycek
licked and Skinner bit. All of this without one word passing between
them. Were they connected by some kind of weird sexual ESP? The
touching stopped and all of the sensations in his body were
concentrated on the two small points on his chest. They were killing
him. He lifted his hips, hoping the movement would attract their
attention so they'd move
downward, dammit. But they stayed right where they were, feasting on
his nipples. He moaned in frustration and arousal, pulling at his bonds.

Krycek abandoned his nipple and grinning wickedly at Skinner said,
"Have you ever met anyone with more sensitive nipples?"

Skinner smiled back at Krycek. "No, I never have." He looked
affectionately at his lover who was twisting his hands against the
tie, trying to get free. "He wiggles nicely, don't you think?"

"Oh, absolutely. He's a moaner, too. I like that. It really turns me

"Me, too," Skinner growled. Pulling Krycek in for a kiss, he slid a
hand down his body to grip the younger man's erection. Krycek did the
same for Skinner. On their knees on the bed they kissed and stroked
one another, ignoring the helpless, moaning man who lay between them.

Mulder knew this little show was for his benefit. Just one more way to
tease him. He watched as his lovers' bodies melded together. He wanted
so badly to touch them both. His cock had never been this hard or this
neglected. He was ready to scream when Krycek bent to take Walter's
erection in his mouth. He watched as Krycek's round lips slide up and
down Skinner's shaft. Those bastards were going to come and then leave
him like this. Finally undone, he did scream.

"Arrrghh! Damn you, Krycek, you better not make him come."

Both men started and then laughed. Krycek recovered first. "You're
hardly in a position to stop me."

He gave up on Krycek, and looked at Walter, using his best puppy dog
look. "You guys are killing me. I can't stand it much longer. Please?"
Who cares if he was begging? He needed to come. Now.

"Well, what do you think, Krycek? He did ask nicely."

"Oh, okay, let's give the poor guy what he wants."

Skinner crawled over to Mulder and released his hands from the tie.
"On your knees," he said, "turn around and put your hands behind your

"What? Oh, come on, Walter."

"Do it, or Krycek and I will finish each other off and you can hang,"
Walter playfully threatened.

By this time, Krycek had moved around in front of Mulder. "It's okay,
Mulder. You'll like this," he assured him seductively.

"Okay, okay," he gave in reluctantly, placing his hands behind his
back. "But no more teasing, please."

"No more teasing, Fox. I promise." Skinner gently retied his lover's

Krycek looked insulted. "You let him call you Fox?"

"I don't have much of a choice. He does it whether I like it or not."

"Can I?"

It was Skinner who answered gruffly, "No, you can't. Now, if you're
not too busy, there are some condoms and KY in that drawer behind you."

Krycek grinned and reached behind him for the drawer. While Skinner
waited, he planted wet kisses on Mulder's neck and stroked his ass.

Krycek handed the gel and condoms to Skinner and then kissed Mulder
while Skinner warmed the jelly in his hands.

At the first touch of the slick fingers to his anus, Mulder groaned
and thrust himself against Krycek's body. Krycek moved himself out of
Mulder's range but left his hand to travel gently over his chest.

"Not yet, " he admonished.

By now, Skinner's fingers were embedded fully in his ass and were
thrusting and twisting against his prostate. With a gasp and a
backward thrust of his hips, Mulder complained, "You said no more

"No, Skinner said no more teasing. I didn't agree to that."

"You bastard, you . . . " His sentence was cut short by his moan as
Walter slid his fingers out of him, and he felt his lover's cock snug
against the entrance to his body.

Krycek grasped Mulder's hips and held him steady as Skinner pushed
slowly inside of him. When Skinner started to thrust, Krycek bent and
took Mulder into his mouth. Mulder threw his head back and screamed
his pleasure. Two sensations warred for control over his body. One
spread warm ecstacy pulsing from his ass, permeating his whole being.
The other was localized, centered on his cock, where a soft tongue and
sharp teeth were driving him out of his mind. The fact that his hands
were tied behind his back and the two men holding him were preventing
him from thrusting in either direction was only adding to this
dizzying thrill. He wondered how much of his sanity would be intact
when this was over.

He allowed himself to give into the sensations that were overtaking
him. Closing his eyes, he leaned his head back on Walter's shoulder.
Wet kisses were trailed down his throat and he could hear his lover
whispering what sounded like "I love you" in his ear. But it was so
far away and barely audible over the sounds of the blood speeding
through his veins and his own whimpers and moans.

The sensations intensified as Walter stepped up his thrusts and
Krycek's mouth worked his cock with fervor. His body had become so
sensitized that he could feel each river of sweat that ran down it. He
was sobbing now with need, shaking with it. Something snapped, his
whole body stiffened and his mouth opened in a silent scream as the orgasm
hit him. He felt as if his soul was being ripped, not unpleasantly, from
his body. He could look down on himself, held by the two men who loved
him, crying and shaking as his body flew apart and coalesced.
Distantly, he heard Walter scream as he, too, was pulled into the fire.

Krycek's soft, amazed "damn" was the last thing he heard before he
drifted away into nothingness.

He came back to the sounds of soft, lovely moans. His hands had been
untied and his head was on the pillow. Krycek was right beside him,
and he was making the most delicious noises. He propped himself up on
an elbow and immediately discovered the reason for Krycek's moans.
Skinner had Krycek's cock in his mouth and was working him intensely.
He moved to press his lips against Krycek's. His ex-partner wrapped
his arms around him, clinging to him in his pleasure.

Krycek broke off the kiss long enough to pant out, "Is he always this

"Oh, yes, always." Their kisses continued until Krycek came, yelling
into Mulder's mouth. Mulder abandoned Krycek for Skinner, wanting to
taste his enemy in his lover's mouth.

Krycek was nearly asleep when Skinner lowered Mulder to the bed and
curled up on the other side of him. The three men slept, with Mulder
in the middle.

Krycek awoke first. Turning his head, he saw Mulder and Skinner curled
up together spoon fashion. Skinner's arm was wrapped possessively
around Mulder's slim waist. Damn, why the hell hadn't Mulder told him
about Skinner? Not that it would have stopped him from sleeping with
him, but at least he'd have known. What a mess.

He got up gingerly, careful not to awaken the sleeping men and headed
quietly for the shower. Coming here today, he'd half hoped to lay the
groundwork for a relationship with Mulder. Once the Consortium had
been brought down, he'd be free to pursue his former partner and win
back his trust. Now, he finds out that Mulder is already taken. It was
just as well. His dreams of being with Mulder were just dreams after

If he were honest with himself, he'd admit that Skinner was the better
man for Mulder. Mulder needed the stability that a man like that could
provide. And as long as Skinner took care of Mulder, he'd have no
worries. But Krycek would watch and wait. He was good at waiting. If
Skinner ever messed up, he'd be there--ready to take his place.

Krycek exited the bathroom and got dressed under Skinner's watchful
eye. Seeing that Mulder was still asleep, he motioned for the older
man to follow him into the living room. He pulled a small envelope
containing the key to the safe deposit box from the inner pocket of
his jacket.

"Give this to him. He'll know what to do with it."

"Do I want to know what this is about?" the A.D. questioned.

Krycek said seriously, "If this works, you'll know soon enough."

"You'd better not be setting him up. I'd hate to have to kill you."
Even though Skinner was naked, Krycek took the threat seriously.

"I'm not setting him up. I'm doing this as much for him as for myself."


"I owe him."

"Yeah, you do. More than you can ever repay."

Krycek looked at floor. "I'm aware of that."

Skinner's tone softened. "You're in love with him, aren't you?"

Before he could really decide how to answer, he heard himself say,
"Yes. I've been in love with him almost since the beginning."

"Then, why?," Skinner asked him, obviously dismayed. "If you love him,
why did you betray him?"

"Sometimes you have to do things you don't want to do." Unwilling to
discuss it further, he turned to go.

"Where are you going?" Skinner asked, with mock idle curiosity.

"Like I'd tell you." Krycek snorted.

"Don't come back, Krycek. This isn't going to become a habit. If I see
you near him again, I'll drop kick your ass across the Potomac." There
was no real menace in his words

Krycek laughed. "Take care of him the way he deserves to be taken care
of, and I won't." With that, he walked out the door.

Leaving the building, Krycek noted a recessed doorway across the
street. Perfect. For watching. And waiting.


Originally written 2/4/97
Revised 3/21/98

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