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Things That Go Hump in the Night

by Peach

It had been a long day; all Walter wanted was a glass of good scotch and his bed. But he was about to get something he never dreamed about.

He didn't bother with the lights, the moon was full and the curtains were open allowing plenty of light into the room. He poured the whiskey and slugged it down neat. As he set the glass on the bar a voice spoke to him from the darkest corner of the room.

"Bad day, Walter?"

Walter turned toward the voice, his lips pulling back in a feral snarl.

"What the fuck are you doing here, Krycek?"

"Now, Walter, is that any way to talk to a guest? Where are your manners?"

"Just say whatever you came here to say and get out. I'm not in the mood."

Walter never saw him move but the felt the body that slammed into him. The next morning he would find the tatters of his suit scattered all over the living room. He was still trying to catch his breath from the assault when he was flipped over on to his stomach.

He felt two needle sharp pricks of pain in his throat then a warmth began to spread from the area. The flood of sensation moving down his body causing his cock to harden painfully against the floor he was pressed against.

A hand appeared in front of his face. "Spit, Walter."

He didn't ask why part of him knew. So he gave it his best as the wet sucking sound began at his throat. Krycek shifted and then Walter felt the cockhead pushing insistently into him. It had been many years since Walter had been with another man but his body remembered well.

The burning was short, the pleasure intense. His body becoming two points of focus the mouth sucking at his throat and the thick cock thrusting into his ass. When he came he shoved his fist into him mouth to stifle the sound.

The man riding him slammed in one last time and the groan made Walter want to smile. The sucking stopped and the mouth lifted, then a tongue bathed the area gently.

"Come on old man. Time for bed."

"What? You gonna tuck me in?"

"Not until after I fuck you again. You've got the sweetest ass I've ever been in."


When Walter woke the next morning he thought it had been a dream until he moved and the scream of his muscles told him otherwise. He stood for a long time under the hot water in his shower letting it beat on his stiff body.

When he finally got out and wiped the steam from the mirror, he stared in horror at the large purple mark on his throat. Leaning closer to the mirror his could make out the two small wounds in the centre of the bruise. The mark gave a whole new meaning to the term *love bite*.

The bruise was going to show above his collar. The ones on his elbows and knees would, of course be hidden by his clothing. Good thing Mulder was out of town or his condo would be draped in garlic by nightfall. He didn't have any meetings scheduled that day so all he had to do was keep Kim from seeing that side of his neck.

He dressed and headed downstairs. Stopping on the bottom step when he saw the remains of his clothes from the day before spread all over the room. Fuck! That suit had been one of his favourites.

He went into the kitchen to get a bag to clean up the mess. In the centre of his table was a bud vase containing one perfect red rose. Beside it a piece of his stationary. He picked it up still scowling.


Thanks for the wild ride. I knew you would be a special treat. I'll be back tonight. Might I suggest, if you don't want to lose another suit, you be naked.


PS: You might want to get some lube, too. It'll make things so much nicer.

Walter didn't even realize he was rubbing at the mark on his throat. Was shocked to realize that his cock was standing proud and eager in his pants. Was even more shocked to find his mind replaying the events that took place the night before when he should have been reading reports.

He stopped on the way home that night and bought the biggest container of Astroglide he could find. He undressed as soon as he got home but put on an old pair of shorts and a worn tee. His mind both anxious for Alex's arrival and rebellious at letting him think Walter was waiting ready for him. His mind refusing to examine his stop for lube and the size of the container he had purchased.

He was sitting with a book in his hand when the knock came at his door. His heart sped up, his mouth went dry, and his cock hardened. He put on his stern AD face and opened the door.

"Getting manners now?"

"Thought I'd give you some control. Walter you aren't naked. I think I specified naked."

Alex had circled around behind Walter, as soon as the door was closed Walter was slammed against it and he heard the sounds of cloth tearing then the cooler air on his bare skin.

"Can we take this upstairs? My knees are bruised enough from last night."

"Sure, Walter. Whatever you want."

"I want you to get the fuck out but I know that's not happening."

Alex's hand moved down to grab Walter's erection. "You may want me to leave but little Wally wants me to stay."

Walter knew his face was flaming. He jerked away from Alex and headed up the stairs. Alex followed enjoying the play of muscles in the great ass of the older man. In the bedroom Walter got on the bed face down and spread his legs. His eyes were tightly shut as he listened to the sounds of Alex undressing.

The bed shifted as Alex crawled onto it and covered Walter's body with his. The big man shivered as a soft pink tongue caressed the unblemished side of his neck. He moaned as he realized that Alex intended to mark that side as well.

"Please. Not there it'll show above my collar. One side is bad enough."

"I want it to show. I want you marked as mine. Did you buy lube?"

Walter pointed toward the bedside table silently.

"Ah, he can be obedient."

The weight lifted from Walter. He heard the Astroglide being opened and then felt the slick fingers begin to probe him. The first one brought a hiss from him. He was still very sore from the previous nights hard almost dry use. The second finger found his prostate and the hiss that time for a whole different reason. The third finger brought the hips up to seek greater penetration.

"I think you're ready. It's gonna be so much easier this way."

The sound of lube being applied to a hard cock then the feel of said cock pushing into his heat. Alex hissed this time with the pleasure of entering such a tight ass. Once he was firmly inside he leaned down to cover the spot he had licked on earlier.

Walter gasped with need as the teeth settled in his throat. Alex's hands covered Walter's wrists, holding tightly as he began to suck and fuck the man under him. He knew he didn't need to hold Walter down. Knew once his teeth were in the body, Walter wouldn't resist. He had known when Walter opened the door that he wasn't going to resist.

Alex didn't know what they had done to him all he knew was he needed to be here. Needed Walter, his blood and his body. He also knew he had to be careful; it would be so easy to drink too deeply. He didn't want to kill Walter although that may have been what his owners wanted. They hadn't known that little Alexei had fallen for Walter the first time he saw him.

His movements became frantic. He was pulling out all but the tip and then slamming back into his lover's body. Walter's lack of movement under him no reflection on what was happening in the body. The hard rutting of Alex's cock in him was grinding Walter's cock against the mattress and the friction over his prostate was pushing him toward the edge.

Alex thrusts once more, harder than all the previous times and shot hard and high inside Walter. Walter's scream of completion muffled by the pillow.

The tongue gently gliding over the wounds before Alex lifted his head from his man's throat. He pulled out of the body below him carefully and went into the bathroom. Coming back with a cloth he rolled Walter over and cleaned him, even wiping up the come on the sheet. When he came back from the bathroom the next time he brought a towel so neither of them would be in the wet spot.

Alex crawled into the bed and pulled Walter into his arms.

Walter woke up alone the next morning. Took one look in the mirror at the matching bruises on each side of his neck and the pale skin and decided to call in sick. It would probably cause Kim to faint but so what. It was Friday and if he could convince Alex to leave the neck alone then he should look ok by Monday.

He just assumed that Alex would be back that night. He didn't come back for two months and during that time there were men showing up in doctor's offices all over town with strange bruises on their necks and no memory of how they got them.

That added to the fact that they were about a pint low got Mulder interested. Walter managed to keep his thoughts off his face as Mulder talked about a vampire roaming D.C. He was shocked at the stab of pain he felt at the thought that Alex was taking other men. He had spent the last two months dreaming of green eyes that sparkled with lust, pink lips that brushed so softly against his, and a thick hardness driving him to scream with pleasure.

It was his pain that did the talking the night Alex came back.


He opened the door to find a smiling man with an obvious hard on in skin thigh leather standing there.

"What the fuck do you want now?" Walter turned and stomped back into the room leaving Alex to close the door behind him.

"Why, Walter, didn't you miss me?"

"Would it matter if I did? You've certainly been out having a good time."

"What does that mean?"

"Don't you read the papers? Mulder wants to hunt down the D.C. Vampire. Good thing he didn't see me the last time you were here or he'd be camped out on my sofa wearing a garlic necklace and clutching a cross."

"So you think........?"

"Well you haven't been here in two months so you must be getting laid and eating somewhere."

Alex stomped down hard on the hope Walter's words were causing. He knew that Walter had wanted him that second night but he figured it was just the sex and the effect of the secretions in his saliva. They had told him that his saliva could now act as a drug to make his victims docile, to make them forget. He had just figured that Walter remembered because he stayed with him after.

He looked into Walter's eyes and saw jealousy and pain.

"You think I've been fucking them? I haven't. They were just for food. I didn't want to take too much from you. I could kill you if I drink too deeply."

"Are you telling me you didn' haven't.....?"

"You're the only one I want that way, Walter. I needed food and I couldn't risk coming to you again so soon."

Walter's eyes closed as he took in the implications of Alex's words. This man he had wanted from the first time he saw him wanted him as well. Walter Sergei Skinner a straight, former Marine, FBI Ad was in love with a vampire and a male one to boot. Talk about having to reassess your life. Where did they go from here?

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