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Peach Gets Punished

by Peach

Josan, looking resplendent in her Victorian garb, was standing tapping the paddle lightly against her thigh as Peach stood with trembling lip but a stubborn expression on her face.

"Peach, you know you owe Alexei and Sergei an apology. You were merely to take dictation, provide me with the story to clean up your deplorable grammar *then* it would be posted to the list."

"I know, Josan but I didn't do it on purpose. Honest!" Peach whined pitifully. Her lip trembled harder but Josan merely stared at her waiting.

Peach moved slowly across the room to where Alexei (wearing leather and skintight jeans) and Sergei (looking very official in a spotless white shirt and dress slacks) were standing.

"I'm really sorry, Alexei and Sergei. I really didn't mean to do it, honest. Please tell her that I don't need to be spanked. That paddle is *hard* and it hurts."

Sergei looked stern. Alexei looked sympathetic.

"Peach, you have been warned. Josan has these rules for a reason and you must obey." Sergei's voice was warm but firm.

"Peach, I'm really sorry but Sergei is right. You know Josan only wants the best for you and us. Now be a good girl and take your punishment. It'll be over soon and quickly forgotten." His hand reached out to brush away the tears that had started down her cheeks.

She turned and walked haltingly back to where her stern schoolmistress waited. She tried one last whipped puppy dog look but saw no softening in Josan's eyes. Sighing dramatically, she draped herself over the back of the Victorian settee.

"Lift your skirt, Peach. You will count each stroke. How many were you promised if you disobeyed again?"

"Five, Josan."

"I don't believe that is correct. How many?"

"Ten." Peach replied sulkily.


The first swat landed and Peach moaned deeply then uttered, "One."

By the third stroke she was crying in earnest and thinking //boy Josan has a strong arm//. The blows continued to land until she thought that her butt would be candy apple red forever. Finally, the last one landed and she sobbed loudly with the number ten.

Josan's hand touched her shoulder lightly, "All over mon cher. All forgiven as promised."

Peach felt other hands bigger and stronger lifting her to stand. Then Alexei and Sergei were holding her as she cried, kissing her cheeks softly. When the crying tapered off to soft hitching breaths, they led her around to the settee and settled her there pulling the granny square afghan over her. Her breathing soon evened out as she drifted off into an exhausted sleep.

Josan walked them to the door. Turning to Josan they each embraced her warmly and kissed each cheek.

"Do you really think she deserved ten?" Kind hearted Alexei asked.

"Alexei, don't interfere. This is for her own good."

"But, Sergei, did you see how red her butt was?"

"No redder than yours when I have to discipline you. Now, come on we need to get home I'm expecting a phone call. Bye, Josan, see you both soon. Do you think she'll be able to take dictation tomorrow?"

"Oh, I'm sure she will. We'll give her a nice soft cushion to sit on."

Josan smiled as she closed the door behind the two men. Sergei didn't fool her one bit. Phone call indeed. Yeah, sure. He just couldn't wait to get Alexei back home and in their bed.

She wandered back in to check on Peach finding her sleeping peacefully. Reaching out she tucked a strand of hair behind her ear. She had really hated to punish her but the girl just had to learn.

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