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I woke up to find myself engulfed in miles of warm, firm AD flesh and smiled. I couldn't seem to stop smiling, except when he had me moaning or whimpering or even screaming. Who knew I could be so vocal? That anyone would ever make me forget myself to the point that I would actually scream their name as I shot down their throat or in their hand or even, and my smile grew wider, in their ass.

If anyone had told me a few weeks ago that Assistant Director Walter S. Skinner would fuck me so hard he'd make me forget everyone who came before him, I would have laughed in their face. If they had said he would let me fuck…, make love to him like he did last night I would have called for the men in white coats.

I looked over his shoulder at the clock and decide it was much too early to wake him when I was too tired to even give him a decent blowjob. I nuzzled my face against his throat and he made a little growling sound that I had learned meant be still. And that smile was back. God! I must have looked like a total idiot and you know what? I didn't care.

I let the memories of the past week carry me back down into sleep.


When Adam asked me to model for his class, my first reaction was, "No way." I had avoided allowing anyone see me without clothing since I'd lost my arm. It's not vanity. I knew I had been attractive but my life had never been based on my looks.

I mean I knew early in life that I'd rather have a man in my body than be in a woman's body but no one ever held my attention long. Men in general are not known for being good at relationships and to be honest, that's what I really wanted. Someone I could have a home with.

Yeah, I know, then why did I do the things I did? Maybe because I had seen what I wanted no make that *who* I wanted. And I didn't think I'd ever get him. And in the beginning I thought I was on the right side. Yeah, young and dumb, that was me.

Adam had nagged at me and since I didn't really have much to fill my life, I gave in. Adam had been a spot of sanity in my life over the years, even patching me up at times, so I owed him.

I admit I was nervous. I had insisted that he tell the class in advance and let them leave if they wanted. I know it bothers some people to see an amputee unclothed. I was so nervous, I didn't look around at the students when I entered the room.

I was sitting on the stool with just my upper body exposed when someone cleared their throat loudly. I looked toward the noisy student to find well known brown eyes focused on me. I almost lost it right there. Skinner? In art class? I shot him an inquiring glance and he shrugged and dropped his eyes to his pad.

I spent the weekend vacillating between wanting the time to hurry so I could see him again and wanting to flee so I wouldn't see him again. By Tuesday, I had decided he probably wouldn't come back so it wouldn't be my decision.

I told myself to be cool when I entered the room but I couldn't stop myself from scanning the group looking for him. Couldn't completely stop the smile that wanted to take over my face when I saw him there. Not only there, but also in the best position in the room.

It didn't take him long to wipe the smirk off my face. I have to give him points for that. Seeing him in those starched shirts behind that big desk hadn't prepared me for a playful, flirtatious Skinner. Or for my body's reactions to watching him suck on his finger, my mind supplying me with images of his cheeks hollowed out like that around my cock.

Over the next two weeks he tortured me during every class. I told myself I should just leave but I couldn't. I had never been so turned on by anyone in my life. I had known the first time I saw him that I would do anything he wanted me to if it made me his.

I told you, young and dumb. And now here he was flirting with me. Or maybe just teasing so he could laugh if he managed to cause me to get hard during class. Then he showed up in jeans so tight I could count his pulse via the vein on his dick. Wearing a tee stretched tight across that great chest, and a black leather jacket that belonged on a Harley. And that scent he was wearing…whatever it was, I knew if he were mine I wouldn't let him wear that to the office. Kim would drop to her knees in a heartbeat.

So I screwed up my courage, bolstered no doubt by two torturous weeks of jerking off and having wet dreams about him and approached him in the parking lot. A few minutes later I was sitting in his car after he told me 'I don't plan on you seeing much besides my face and the ceiling for the next week.'

He had let me out of bed long enough to eat, bathe, and once for a walk around the lake. But other than that, I had spent most of my time as he had threatened…looking at his face and the ceiling. That is, when my eyes weren't rolled back in my head from the pleasure.

We had stopped for dinner at a little out of the way place and after that headed out of town.

"Where are we going?"

"To a cabin where the neighbours won't be disturbed when you scream in ecstasy at all the nasty things I'm going to do to you." He leered at me, and then focused on the road once more.

"I don't scream."

"Sounds like a challenge. What will I get if I make you scream?"

"What would you like?"


Everything? What did that mean? I was afraid to ask. At that point I was still thinking it was an elaborate joke he was playing on me. But I had to know. I had wanted him for so long that I was willing to risk having my heart ripped out and stomped on.

He finally turned into a dirt and gravel road that was so dark he had to switch to hi-beams to be able to see.

"Don't worry, Alex. I could drive without lights if I needed to. I've been coming here since I was a boy. It's not very big but it's comfortable. And there's plenty of food in the pantry."

The clouds parted just as we pulled up beside the cabin. He had been telling the truth. It wasn't very big. It had a wrap around porch with a swing at one end and a couple of wicker chairs. He reached across me to open the glove box and I watched as he pulled out a flashlight.

"I'll need to start the generator. Here's the key. Go on and open the door. It'll only take me a minute."

He slid out of the car, turning on the light and walked toward the back of the cabin. I followed instructions and went up onto the porch, opened the door. I started to go in but it was dark and I didn't want to bump into anything. I could hear the sound of the generator as it started and a light came on by the door.

He came around the side of the cabin and grinned at me.

"Waiting for me to carry you over the threshold?"

I started to move toward the door but he was there and I was airborne before I knew what hit me. He set me down carefully inside the door, pushing it shut behind us and his mouth was on mine, stealing my breath. My stomach lurched, my cock hardened and I clutched him trying to make total body contact with him. If this was a joke, right then I didn't care.

He let go of my mouth when he ran out of air. And he smiled that predatory smile he had given me one night in class.

"Hold the thought. We need a fire." He let me go and moved into the cabin.

I felt like saying he had already started a fire but I wasn't ready to give up information like that. I waited until he turned on a small lamp on a table next to a large comfy looking sofa, then followed him. I watched and he squatted next to the fireplace that I saw was already filled with paper. He lit the paper then added kindling, waiting for it to catch then adding larger logs.

"It won't take long to get warm. The place is well insulated."

I watched as he threw the large throw pillows from the sofa onto the floor in front of the fire. Then his jacket landed on the sofa and mine was soon beside it. He lowered me onto the pillows and knelt beside me. His eyes roamed over me and I squirmed a little under their scrutiny.


"Nothing. Just wondering why you're here with a bald old fart like me."

"Because for a 'bald old fart' you are built like a brick shithouse and I've wanted to see if the package lives up to the rest of you since the first time I saw you."

I clapped my hand over my mouth in horror at what had popped out. He smiled at my discomfort.

"Hope I don't disappoint you."

He settled next to me pulling me against him and gave me another one of those kisses that I was becoming addicted to. I clutched at him as he moved from my mouth to my throat and back again. When a leg slipped between mine, I spread my legs wide for him.

His hand was efficient at opening my pants. The other was gripping my hair. I sucked hard on his tongue as his fist wrapped around my aching erection. I was in danger of going off like a teenager during his first petting session when he let me go--both my cock and my mouth.

I guess my look must have asked the question my lust-crazed mind couldn't voice.

"We're wearing too many clothes. I want you naked under me. I don't want either of us coming in our jeans."

He stripped me quickly. Grinning that 'I'm gonna eat you and you're gonna like it' grin that I'd been dreaming about since he had shown it to me that first time, he then ran his tongue up the length of my dick. When he swallowed me whole, my ass lifted, without orders from me, wanting more. He rose up and smiled, as his hand caressed my thigh.

"Not yet. You wait for me."

He stood up and the tee shirt went sailing to land on the sofa with the jackets and my clothes. He sat down long enough to pull off his boots and socks. He stood looking down at me, his expression suddenly serious. I watched his eyes as he opened his pants. Let my eyes drop as he pushed them down.

I decided it was a damn good thing I wasn't a virgin.


"Ah….If I were a virgin, I'd be running. Damn, Skinner, how do you hide that in your dress slacks?"

"Tight underwear. I don't want to give the wrong people ideas. So, I take it you aren't disappointed?"

"How can a man with something like that hanging between his legs be insecure? Will you just for gods sake find some lube and get over here?"

"My, my, my, aren't you impatient!"

I groaned and he chuckled. I watched that great ass walk away from me. He entered a room by the stairs, which I would find out later was the bathroom. He came out carrying a brand new tube of lube, a box of condoms, and a hand towel.

Kneeling between my legs, he dropped the box and towel, opening the lube. I watched as he took the time to warm it on his fingers, pulled my legs up high as he moved closer. He smiled as he worked on making me ready from him.

I had expected him to be rough, maybe even brutal. After all, I had been cruel to him in the past. But he took his time making me ready, his hand pulling back and more lube being added. His long thick fingers scissoring inside me, making my muscles relax around them.

"Jesus, Skinner, will you get on with it."

"Walter. If you scream Skinner while I'm fucking you, I'll stop. My name is Walter and I think sticking my fingers up your ass should put us on a first name basis."

His eyes were warm and never wavered, waiting. His fingers had gone still inside me.


"Are you ready for me, Alex?"

"Yes, Walter."

My voice was thick with my desire. My name had never been spoken with such passion. His fingers slipped from my body and I watched as he wiped his hands. He rolled the condom down quickly and coated it thickly.

He eased inside me slowly, oh so slowly. I arched my back and contracted my muscles trying to hurry him along. But he controlled my body. This would be his way and I would discover that I liked it his way.

He bottomed out in me and gave me another one of those addictive kisses. He moved in such a languid manner, pushing in deep and pulling out all but the tip, emptying and filling me at both ends. I let my hand wander down to grip him tightly, wishing I had two of them still to hold him.

He seemed to know when I couldn't take him going slowly any more. He rose up watching me as he began to pump hard into my body. My back arched, my legs wrapping around him trying to pull him further into me. He shifted suddenly, hit the right spot and I was coming without him even touching my cock.

I came back to the sensation of a warm wet cloth cleaning me and warm brown eyes watching me.

"Thought you weren't a screamer."

I opened my mouth to deny it and could barely croak out any sound at all. He didn't laugh, he only smiled.

"Come on. Fucking in front of the fire is fine, but sleeping here is damn uncomfortable."

His hand reached to pull me up and he pointed me toward the stairs. I was pulled down into the soft bed, wrapped in his arms and kissed soundly. I was almost asleep when I remembered what he had said about making me scream.

"Walter, what did you mean by everything?"

"You'll find out. Now go to sleep." His lips pressed against my forehead and I was out.

Epilogue: Skinner

I woke up as I had for the last week with my arms full of warm Krycek. He had surprised me by being a snuggle bunny. My past experiences with male lovers had not included snuggling. You wouldn't think it to look at me, but I like to snuggle.

I rolled away from him to reach for the lube and condom and winced. Damn, I was sore. Should have swallowed my pride and told him I had never bottomed. But I had to admit that at the time it felt damn good. And I knew once I got over being sore that I'd let him do me again.

During the week, it was when we were taking a walk, I realised I wanted this to work. I didn't want just a week of sex, I wanted the rest of my life. He had looked so beautiful. The sunlight bringing out russet tones in his dark hair. His laughter so spontaneous and childlike as he enjoyed the day.

But it had taken me a couple of days to get around to telling him I wanted him to top. His mouth dropping open had been priceless. But once he understood that I meant it, he was very enthusiastic about the whole thing. Maybe a little too enthusiastic.

I rolled back toward him, slipping lube slick fingers between his cheeks. His leg raised to give me better access and I hurried to slip on the condom. I entered him slowly, enjoying his tightness. In that past week I had figured out that he responded to me even in his sleep. One day, I had come before he was even awake. I hadn't let that happen again, couldn't stand seeing him pout.

So I rocked slowly in and out of him, enjoying his body's responses and holding back until I knew he was awake. His hand finally reached back to pull me closer and he growled at me.

"You are such a horn dog, Walter. Don't you ever get enough?"

"Hey, we're on our honeymoon, remember. Besides it's almost over."

His body went still and stiff. Fuck, what did I do wrong now? I nuzzled his neck but got no response. His cock had been hard but it was now lying flaccid. It occurred to me then that he thought I meant we were over. Well, I could fix that.

"After breakfast, we'll head back to town. I want to have time to stop at the hardware store. We'll need another set of keys for you. And we'll need to grocery shop. I'm sure there are things you'll need. I mean like shampoo. And we're about out of condoms and lube so we'll need those."


He sounded bewildered. I cupped his face and turned it leaning over so he could see my eyes.

"Everything, remember? Unless you don't want this to continue?"

"Please, don't say these things if you don't mean them."

"I mean it, Alex."

He pulled off me then and pushed me onto my back. He threw one of those long legs over me, reaching for my cock and dropping himself onto it. I moaned with the suddenness of it. Then gave myself up to the pleasure of my lover riding me. I wrapped my hand around him and was pleased to find him hard again.

I was barely clinging to control when he leaned down and kissed me then hissed at me to come for him. That was all it took. I'm sure our howls scared all the wildlife for miles around.

When we could move again, he grinned at me as he rolled off my body.

"I'll start breakfast. Will you strip the bed before you come down?"

"Sure." Again that grin like a cat that swallowed the canary. I kissed him gently and headed downstairs.

I was getting eggs out of the fridge when I hear a loud "Oh god!" from the loft. Then the sound of his feet pounding down the stairs. I turned to watch him hurrying toward me. He stopped in front of me, his eyes wide and scared looking.

"Are you alright?"

"What? I'm fine. What is this?"

"There's blood on the sheets. I made you bleed. I hurt you. I'm sorry. Why didn't you stop me?"

"Because I didn't want to stop you. You didn't hurt me, not the way you mean. Besides don't virgins usually bleed?"


I waited for him to work through it. To 'get' it. Watched the emotions play across the face that would never be a mystery to me again. Then I staggered back as he jumped to wrap his legs around me. I clutched his ass as his arm curled around my neck. Then he was kissing me and I was 'getting' it too.

Of course, it would take us months to get around to saying the word but the feeling was there. He pulled back and looked at me with radiant eyes.

"I think I'm going to like *everything*."

"I *know* I do."

The End.

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