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Art Class

by Peach

Sharon had always encouraged me to think about art classes. She thought my doodles had potential and that it would be a way of relaxing. So, I signed up at the community college for a class, both to see if her opinion had merit and because I was lonely. The normal age group at most community colleges being older, I figured I might make a couple of new friends who would be nearer my age.

The class started with the normal inanimate objects and went well. The instructor announced during the third class that he had persuaded an old friend to model for us starting the next week. He also made of point of telling us that the model was an amputee, stating that he did not want us to be surprised by that and if we felt uncomfortable he would have the college refund our fee. He went on to explain he felt it would be good for us as artist to draw the less than perfect, since no human is really perfect anyway.

After I got home that night it occurred to me that he hadn't specified the sex of the model. But it couldn't possibly be the amputee who had haunted my life for years. Hell, Krycek was probably off on an island somewhere living high on the old man's money now that he was gone. But I had to admit to myself that I wouldn't mind seeing that particular body posing nude. My cock stood up and expressed its approval of the idea.

I went to bed and tried to ignore that part of my anatomy but little Wally has a mind of his own, so I ended up jerking off with visions of green eyes and a smart assed smirk playing behind my closed lids. I even dreamed of art class and those green eyes dancing as he posed nude for us.

I made sure I got to class early on Thursday so I could set up in a prime position. The class filled and I was pleased to see we had only lost a couple of people. When the instructor came in, he smiled as he looked around the room.

"Our model should be joining us in just a minute. I'm glad so many of you decided to stay. I'm sure this will be instructional in more ways than one for you all."

The door opened and my breath caught in my throat when Alex Krycek did indeed come through the door. He didn't look around the room just walked straight to the platform and the stool waiting there for him.

He was wearing a robe, which I thought was more for the sake of the class than him. Although, on further reflection, I decided that he might have a few issues about his body being brutalised the way it had been.

He settled on the stool then dropped the robe to his waist.

"Tonight we'll concentrate on the upper body. Try to draw him exactly as you see him. From the angle you are seeing. If you have questions, just let me know."

Krycek fixed his eyes on the door he had come through and seemed to block us all out. I sat for a long moment looking at the body I had dreamed about. Seeing the horror that had been done to the beautiful body, I wanted to strike out at the men who had done it.

Where the fuck did that come from, Walter?

I cleared my throat louder than I intended and the green eyes tracked to me. I watched as Krycek gave a little surprised start. Then he tilted his head as if asking 'What are you doing here?' I shrugged back at him then dropped my eyes to the sketchpad in front of me.

I avoided his eyes for the rest of class and went home to lean against the wall in my shower and jerk off with a new vision of him in my head. As I was drifting off to sleep, I began to plan how I would get his attention and keep it during the next class.


Tuesday came around and I left work early. I wanted to be well prepared for class that night. I went home to shower and change instead of heading to class in the clothes I had worn to work. I pulled out a pair of casual slacks. After all, he had only seen me in dress clothes, except for that one time. Then debated over an old dress shirt or a more casual knit. Finally going with the knit.

As I took a last look in the mirror I thought 'There's no fool like an old fool. He probably won't come back because you're in the class. And so what if he does? He isn't interested in you. Get real, old man.'

Again I was early and set up so Krycek couldn't help but see me if he posed facing the door. I felt he was highly unlikely to pose with his back to it. Hell, I figured he even had a gun stashed in the pocket of the robe.

I was very gratified to see him come through the door and his eyes scan the room. They met mine and the corners of his mouth turned up just the slightest bit. Not enough to be a smile and probably wouldn't have been noticed by anyone who had not known him a long time.

Unfortunately, it went straight to my crotch. He didn't look down but the baby pink lips twitched slightly and I was sure I had given myself away to him. After all, he knows me as well as I know him. 'Well we'll just see about that, boy. We'll just wipe that smirk right off your face.'

I turned away from him and busied myself putting my things in order, not that they had been out of order. By the time I turned back, he was sitting once more on the stool, this time naked. 'Damn, I shouldn't have looked away. With that pose, I missed all the good stuff.'

The way he was sitting, the curve of his hip, a long thigh, a bony ankle and his clean feet were all I could see. I could see the dark patch of hair that I knew led down to that part of him I actually wanted to assess. I looked up to see that slight curve of his lips was back. Teasing was an art form I hadn't practised in a long time but I was sure I would remember how.

I smiled at him, then. The kind of smile he had never seen on my face. Then slipped my tongue out and ran it slowly over my lips while letting my eyes travel over his body in what I hoped would convey my thoughts.

Looking quickly around to makes sure no one was turned toward me, I grinned my most wicked grin. Watched the eyes ask 'What now?' Then stuck my index finger into my mouth and sucked, hollowing out my cheeks as I did so and shifted my eyes back down toward his crotch.

He sucked in air and the instructor looked up. "Alex, anything wrong?"

I quickly pulled my finger out of my mouth and tried to look innocent as Krycek sputtered. "I'm fine."

I watched with some satisfaction as he shifted on the stool. The pursuit had begun and I intended to enjoy every minute, all the while making him squirm as he had made me in the past. He studiously avoided looking at me for the rest of the class. He also managed to pull up the robe so I didn't get a look later as I had hoped to.

That night my jerk off fantasy had the images of his long legs as I longed to have them wrapped around me as I plundered his sweet ass.


Thursday rolled around and I dressed casually again. Again I sat so I would be between him and the door. But this time I set up so I would be a little behind the normal line-up of students. I also went commando. Making sure my dick was lying along my thigh.

Every time I saw him looking my way I spread my legs wide and scratched at my thigh right below where my dick was resting. For some reason Krycek seemed to have difficulty maintaining a pose that night. I was actually whistling as I walked out to my car that night.

I was about to open the door when one of my classmates walked up to the car next to mine. "He's very aware of you, you know."


"The model. He's paying attention. How long do you intend to tease him before you give him what he wants?"

"I don't know what you mean."

"Hey, man, don't try that on me. Maybe most of the class hasn't picked up on it but you are seriously cruising that boy. Are you so blind that you can't read his answer? Shit man, all you need to do is say when and where and he'll be naked, hard and moaning."

"He's not interested in me. We have history. I'd know if he wanted me."

"Sure. Have it your way. But, I'm telling you, man, if you can get him hard just from sucking your finger and pointing out you cock then if you touch him, he'll go off like a roman candle for you. I wouldn't tease him too long if I were you. Why sleep alone if you don't have to?"

I stood there for a long minute after the guy got in his car, wondering if he was right. Did Alex want me? That night, my fantasy had moans and words. Alex's deep voice moaning 'Harder, lover. Do me harder.'


Tuesday seemed to take forever to arrive. When it did, I was fidgety and having trouble concentrating. Finally, after Kim asked for the third time if something was wrong I lied to her and went home.

For the first time in a long while I spent the afternoon in bed. Stroking my cock, keeping myself aroused but not coming, picturing Alex under me, astride me, spooned against me. Daydreaming about waking up next to him and sliding my hard cock into his sleep warm body to wake him up. Wondering how that whiskey voice would sound as he came for me.

Finally, late in the afternoon, I moaned his name as I shot my load all over my clean sheets. I had just enough time to change the sheets and shower before class. There was an accident that I got trapped behind so I was late for class.

He was posed and the class had mysteriously left my usual place vacant. I looked at him and saw something like relief in his eyes. Had he wondered where I was? I set up quickly and behaved myself. More out of irritation at my plans not working out than intent to give him respite.

When class was over, I moved quickly to where he was sitting to talk to him. I smiled as he crossed his legs and draped him arm so his assets were hidden from me.

"I figured it was about time we stopped acting like we don't know each other."

"Really? I figured you didn't want to acknowledge knowing me. After all, I'm not your favourite person. I'm surprised you didn't quit the class."

"And blow my tuition? Fuck that. I think you've cost me enough over the years."

"Get real, Skinner. The cost of this class wouldn't bankrupt you."

"What about you? Don't you have enough of a nest egg to be lounging on a tropical island somewhere?"

"I don't lounge on islands. Skin's too fair. I burn."

"You should get someone to rub sunscreen on it for you. Or aloe after."

"You may have noticed I'm not as pretty as I used to be. Or are you volunteering?"

"I might if you offer the right incentive." I leered at him then and watched the gooseflesh rise on his arm. He looked at me, his eyes probing. I smiled for a minute longer. "Night, Krycek. See you Thursday."

My step light and a smile on my face, I walked away without looking back.


Thursday arrived and I pulled out everything I had done to date. Sucking not one but two fingers and sliding them in and out of my mouth a few times. Making sure his eyes were focused on my crotch as I spread my legs wide for his viewing pleasure.

When I was sure he was having difficulty keeping his cock under control, I made an innocent suggestion to the instructor that it might be nice to have a standing model to work with. A snort to my left let me know the guy I had talked to in the parking lot the week before was enjoying my game.

I watched as Alex motioned for the instructor and words were quietly exchanged. I smiled neutrally at the instructor as Alex glared at me over his shoulder.

"Sorry, Walter, maybe on Tuesday. Alex has a pulled muscle and can't stand for long right now."

"Oh, I understand completely. Hope the leg feels better soon. You might want to try some Bengay on that."

I had to struggle not to smile as he gritted between his teeth. "I'll try that."

I'm not sure if it was the Bengay remark or the gritting of Alex's teeth that caused another snort. I ducked my head quickly to hide my grin. This little game was becoming quite amusing. I wondered where I could take it on Tuesday.


Tuesday I got held up at work so I had to go to class in my work clothes. That would eliminate any chance of drawing attention to my assets. So it was time to get creative. Alex entered the room and refused to look my way. He dropped the robe and for the first time I got to see him clearly. It was a sight worth waiting for.

He was turned slightly so that his damaged arm was away from me. His alabaster body perfect from that angle. The skin looked as smooth as velvet. His cock lying heavy against his thigh. It was as beautiful as the rest of him. I wanted to kneel and start by combing my fingers through the nest of hair. Wondered how dark I could get the head before he exploded for me.

I cleared my throat. No movement. I coughed. Nothing. I pretended to sneeze. His eyes stayed focused on the wall across the room.

Damn. I looked over to see that same guy grinning at me. He nodded toward Alex and raised an eyebrow in a 'What are you going to do now?' look.

"Excuse me, Mr Thomas. May I sit on the floor to draw him from a different angle?"

"Of course, Walter. A different angle can give you a whole new perspective."

God! Was he right about that! Sitting on the floor, looking up at his body, I made up my mind that the teasing couldn't continue much longer. I also knew from the slight twitching of his cock that he was very aware of how close I was to him. And I affected him. I hoped as much as he was affecting me.


I made sure I gave myself enough time to shower and dress on Thursday. I had decided one way or another to bring things to a conclusion that night. Even if that meant putting myself on the line and being rejected. Because if I was honest that was the only reason I had been drawing this thing out. My fear he'd say no.

In the past, when I wanted someone this much, I had gone after them. But in the past I had never found myself wanting an enemy. Or former enemy.

I dressed carefully. Pulling on a pair of tight black jeans, again positioning my cock so it would be visible. Pulled on a tee shirt that was a size too small. Boots heavy and masculine looking, no wussy running shoes on this guy. At the last minute, I splashed on the cologne that Sharon once told me made her instantly wet when she smelled it on me.

Looking in the mirror, I thought 'Not too bad for a bald paper-pusher. Maybe the cologne will work on him, too.

'Mr 'Stick-my-nose-in-and-snort-at-the-wrong-moment' gave a double take when I walked into the classroom. Then a quick thumbs up gesture. I smiled nodded and mouthed 'Teasing over.' That got me an answering smile.

Alex walked in and the look on his face was priceless. The ex-assassin's jaw dropped open when he spotted me. I wanted to reach out and run my thumb over his bottom lip and swoop in to kiss him before he recovered. But I stayed still and gave him a once over that I was sure would convey my thoughts. Trying to tell him with my eyes that it could be his lucky night.

His mouth snapped shut and his eyes looked at me. Puzzlement warring with fear. Damn! I didn't mind the puzzlement but the fear had to go. I took my place and when he dropped his robe I kept my eyes on my work as much as possible and did nothing to draw his attention to my body.

Believe me, that wasn't easy. I wanted to bend his long frame over any available surface and pound into him until we forgot we were separate people. Before the night was over, I hoped to find my pleasure in him and with him instead of in my hand.

When class ended, he grabbed the robe and almost ran from the room. I packed up my things hurriedly and went to try and find him. The men's room was empty and I didn't know where else he might have been changing clothes.

FUCK! Now what? Go home, dream about him and hope he showed up on the Tuesday after spring break. Another fucking weekend alone. 'Walter, when will you ever learn?'

I walked to the car. Pitched my supplies in the trunk and was about to open the door when I heard his voice.

"When did you become a prick tease, Skinner? And what the fuck is that scent you're wearing called? 'Fuck Me Now'."

I turned and lounged back against the car. I had parked by a light so we could see each other clearly. It was warm for early spring but we were dressed as if we were twins and mother thought it was cute for us to look alike. We looked like we should be getting on a Harley not into a mid-sized sedan.

"As a matter of fact, I think it *is* called something like that. My ex used to say it gave her wet panties. Thought I'd see if it worked on a man I'm interested in."

I watched the light die in his eyes and wanted to kick myself for saying such a thing to him. 'Damn, can't you do anything right'?

"Guess I'd better let you get to your date then." He turned and I stood there like an idiot.

"Alex." He froze but didn't turn around. "Get in the fucking car before I tackle you and fuck you right here in front of anyone who wants to watch."

He turned slowly and the disbelief was apparent in his eyes. I held out my hand. He looked at it for a long minute and I thought I had fucked up again.

"This is a joke, right?"

"No, it's not. Look, I'm not good with words. I can't promise happy ever after. I don't know if that's possible for anyone and god knows, we've got baggage. But I know I want you and I think you want me. I've got the next week off work and I'd like to spend it with you. I'd like to find out if we're compatible away from the D.C. crap."

He looked at me for a long minute then gave a little nod and walked around to the passenger side of the car. I unlocked his door and he slid into the seat.

"Are you at least gonna feed me first?"

"Sure, I want you to have plenty of energy cause I don't plan on you seeing much besides my face and the ceiling for the next week."

"Good thing it's spring break."

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