Sorry, No Plot Today

by MaryReilly

Disclaimer: PWP, S/M/K, gratuitous m/m sex. Characters of Mulder, Skinner and Krycek belong to Fox, CC, and 1013. Not for profit; I have no money for I have joy in my soul.

New partner? Oh, yeah, that’s just what I needed. A brand-spanking new partner, determined to dog my heels and follow me everywhere I go. At least I know he isn’t working for the shadow people; he’s too annoying even for them. Unless it’s all some kind of elaborate trick...but no one could fake that whiny, “Wait up, Mulder.” Maybe it’s their way of torturing me.

“Mulder, c’mon. It’s my job too.”

Go away, what’s his name? Krycek. Russian? Roumanian? Who knows. Who cares. He’s an irritating little brat, and I want him gone. But I wait for him to catch up to me, and then take a sharp turn into the bathroom instead of going down to my office.

He follows me, what a surprise.

“Do you mind? I’m trying to get something done here.” He looks at me angrily. I can see the hurt in his pretty green eyes, and I smile smugly. Then I unzip, and whip out my tool in preparation. His eyes drop, and he tilts his head a little. “What the hell are you doing?” I demand, as he leans closer, and touches my dick. My plans for the day change when he strokes it. “You broke it,” I say, getting harder by the second. “You bought it.”

“What?” he says dreamily. He’s still stroking my shaft (can you dig it?), but I’m going to need more than that to come.

“Suck it, partner.”

“Oh,” he exclaims. He crouches, obviously not wanting to ruin his cheap pants on the ugly floor. “That’s a really nice, big dick you have there, Agent Mulder.”

“Yeah, I know. I’ve had it all my life.” I thrust my hips forward a little, hoping he’ll get the message. He opens his mouth, and takes my dick in his hand, finally. He starts licking the sides up and down, before taking the head in his mouth - so sweet! - and sucking for all he’s worth. If he can deep throat my rod, he’s worth his weight in chocolate.

Make that Godiva; he can and he does, and I’m gone. My cock slides into his mouth like a hot knife through butter. It’s warm and moist in there, and his suction could strip the chrome off a trailer hitch. He’s got me all the way down his throat, playing his tongue along the underside of my joystick while his one hand is stroking my balls and the other is braced against the wall for support. His head moves back and forth in a hypnotizing rhythm, and I stroke his short dark hair. “Oh, yeah, baby,” I moan. “That’s nice.”

The wet slurping sounds his mouth is making on my dick is almost loud enough to keep me from hearing the door open - almost. In walks Skinner, stormy and ready to ream me for yet another transgression when he takes in the sight of my new partner taking me in. Krycek hasn’t noticed, he’s too busy working over the head of my cock. Skinner swallows hard, and gets hard.

“Did you bring enough for everybody?” he snarls. Krycek pulls away in panic, and I give him just enough time to register that Skinner is hard enough to drive nails through wood before grabbing his head and forcing it back onto my cock. Skinner stalks over, undoing his belt as he approaches. He stands next to me, and pulls my dick out of Krycek’s mouth, instead wrapping his huge hand firmly around it, using the wetness covering it as lube as he begins jacking me off and shoves his dick into Krycek’s mouth where mine just was.

Krycek gives a satisfied moan, and begins sucking eagerly. He gives up on not ruining his pants, and kneels firmly on the floor in front of us. He interlaces his fingers with Skinner’s, and joins him in stroking me to orgasm just in front of his face. When he feels me tighten up, about to come, he switches again and takes my shooting hose into his mouth, swallowing almost every drop of my come. Skinner groans, and he quickly moves to swallow him instead, then licks us both clean, his tongue curling around our still-stiff rods like a cat’s. Skinner pulls him to his feet, and roughly kisses away the come trailing down his face. I lean in to kiss him, and taste myself on his swollen lips.

Skinner has opened Krycek’s pants, and the two of us have him pinned against the bathroom wall. He’s clutching the wall, trying to stay upright. I take his cock in my hand. It’s satisfyingly hard and really damp at the tip. I think he might have come once already. Ah, the wonders of youth. I begin stroking him, jacking him off. Skinner is still kissing Krycek’s face and neck, and has worked one- no, two fingers into his beautiful ass.

Skinner and I both go for those lips at the same time, and we find ourselves with our tongues tangled in his mouth. Krycek thrusts as best he can, with two men pressing him against a slippery tiled wall. He comes with a hoarse scream, his head thrown back, proudly displaying Skinner’s handiwork. He splatters my Armani suit and Skinner growls as his hand is wrenched unpleasantly by the force of the orgasm shuddering through the younger man.

I laugh a little, and support Krycek who has collapsed like the last doll on the toy shelf as Skinner extricates his hand from Krycek’s ass. Skinner grabs me by the hair and forces my head back, so that he can give me what feels like a monster hickey just below my ear.

“Don’t laugh at me,” as if that brand of punishment would be a deterrent. I’ll laugh at him all day if it will get me more of that. “Take him home,” he commands after giving an exhausted Krycek one more kiss.

New partner? Oh, yeah, that’s just what I needed.