Battlestar Galactica

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Main Cast
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Saga of a
Star World

Lost Planet of
the Gods

The Lost Warrior
The Long Patrol
The Gun on
Ice Planet Zero

The Magnificent

The Young Lords
The Living Legend
Fire in Space
War of the Gods
The Man With
Nine Lives

Murder on the
Rising Star

Greetings from

Baltar's Escape
in Terra

Take the Celestra
The Hand of God
Baltar's Escape

Baltar's Escape

Original US Air Date:March 11, 1979
Writer:Donald P. Bellisario
Director:Winrich Kolbe

Guest Cast

Ina Balin :Siress Tinia
Lloyd Bochner:Commandant Leiter
John Hoyt:Sire Domra
Robert Feero:Bora
Anthony De Longis :Taba
Lance LeGault :Maga
Bruce Wright:Guard
Ron Kelly:Security Officer Reese
Mitchell Reta :Prison Communications Officer
Paul Tinder:Guard
Paul LeClair:Guard



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