Battlestar Galactica

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Lost Planet of
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The Lost Warrior
The Long Patrol
The Gun on
Ice Planet Zero

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The Living Legend
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War of the Gods
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Murder on the
Rising Star

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Baltar's Escape
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Take the Celestra
The Hand of God
The Gun on Ice Plant Zero

The Gun on Ice Plant Zero

Original US Air Date:Part 1: October 22, 1978
Part 2: October 29, 1978
Teleplay:Michael Sloan, Donald P. Bellisario, Glen A. Larson
Story by:John Ireland, Jr.
Director:Alan J. Levi

Guest Cast

Roy Thinnes:Commander Croft
James Olson :Thane
Christine Belford :Leda
Richard Lynch:Wolfe
Denny Miller:Ser 5-9 and Ser 7-12
Britt Ekland:Tenna
Dan O'Herlihy:Dr. Ravishol
Larry Manetti:Corp Giles
Alan Stock:Cadet Cree
Curtis Credel:Haals
Jeff Mackay:Komma
Larry Cedar:Cadet Shields
Alex Hyde-White:Cadet Bow
Patrick Milholland:Killian
Walt Davis:Vickers
A planet, directly in the Galactica's path, proves to be a Cylon outpost with a huge laser cannon installed on it. A team is hastily assembled to infiltrate the planet and destroy the gun.



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