Battlestar Galactica

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Lost Planet of
the Gods

The Lost Warrior
The Long Patrol
The Gun on
Ice Planet Zero

The Magnificent

The Young Lords
The Living Legend
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War of the Gods
The Man With
Nine Lives

Murder on the
Rising Star

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Baltar's Escape
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Take the Celestra
The Hand of God
Lost Planet of the Gods

Lost Planet of the Gods

Original US Air Date:Part 1: September 24, 1978;
Part 2: October 1, 1978
Writer:Glen A. Larson, Donald P. Bellisario
Director:Christian I. Nyby II

Guest Cast

Jane Seymour:Serina
Sheila de Windt:Lieutenant Deitra
Janet Louise Johnson:Lieutenant Brie
Bruce Wright:Bay Technician
Paul Coufos:Guard
Jennifer Joseph:Female Warrior
Janet Lynn Curtis:Sorrell (female warrior)
Leann Hunley:Female Warrior
Gay Thomas:Female Warrior
Larry Manetti :Corp. Giles
Millicent Crisp:Female Warrior
After being forced to cross a magnetic void, the Galactia finds the planet Kobol - the ancestel home of the 13 tribes of man. The explore the planet hoping to find clues to the location of the Thirteenth Tribe who settled on Earth.



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